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Oct 05, 2011

Steve Job 1955-2011

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Baby You're a Rich Man

Oct 08, 2010

Last night I ventured out with the BLiNQ Media team to see The Social Network. Good movie. Not sure where I read it but one critic called it the "Wall Street" for this time. I agree.

If you happen to hang out in the Internet, social media, or startup worlds you need to go see this movie. It shows the dedication, ruthlessness, and struggles it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. It worships the creative hacker class. It depicts the characteristics of a company when it raises F&F and seed rounds. It shows how ideas get morphed and co-founders get pushed out. It's just a darn good movie that is likely to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

While only loosely based in fact it also changed my perception of Mark Zuckerberg. While I still find Facebook's privacy polices to be aggressive, after viewing The Social Network I have nothing but admiration for Zuck and Facebook.

The Social Network made me realize how quickly Mark Zuckerburg has matured. It made me realize that somewhere underneath all that brashness is a coachable young man who listens to people he trusts when he gets a little hot under the collar about such things as privacy. Perhaps it is a result of the movie itself but he recently showed up in public portraying a very non hoodie image to donate $100 million to the Newark public school system and put the shots on his public Facebook profile. A 26 year old guy with more than a billion who listens. He is going to be in the game for awhile.

So go see the movie. It has the perfect ending with the perfect closing credit song which inspired the title of this post. And after you do that go take a gander at The Harvard Crimson's A Look at Mark Zuckerberg Through the Years. A fascinating set of contemporaneous links. As Erica Albright, the girl whose rejection sent Zuck on a programming binge that resulted in Facemash said, "if you put it on the Internet, it never really goes away."


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