Income By Personality Type

Dec 09, 2013

Interesting infographic depicting average household income by Myer-Briggs personality type.

Household Income By Myers Briggs Type

A timely reminder that different people have different personalities and are driven by different things. I, by the way, am an ENTJ.

Hat tip to to Time. Here is the full infographic.

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Think Different

Oct 05, 2011

Steve Job 1955-2011

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Al Gore: Convenient Certainty

Apr 18, 2007

This afternoon Al Gore is taking the stage to present "Thinking Green: Economic Strategies for the 21st Century." Part of the excellent IMPACT series put on by the Georgia Tech College of Management and the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, I was not fortunate enough to get a ticket.

But, as my associates have voted that Al would be the most likely person to play me in "ATDC: The Movie" based on a picture taken while he was inventing the Internet, I am uniquely qualified to comment on Al's speech. And while Al has not exactly been taking his own advice, his stance sure has gained some popularity.

A guy that seems to be losing a little popularity these days is Michael Crichton. He wrote Jurrasic Park. He also wrote State of Fear. Even though the latter book was a number one best seller, I don't think they will be making a blockbuster movie based on it anytime soon. You see State of Fear is an anti-global warming techno-thriller that is loaded with graphs and footnotes as well as two appendices and a twenty page bibliography. It seems pretty well researched.

While I certainly think each of us should do as much as possible to reduce our impact on the environment and there is a need to address the energy issue in the world, I do think that Crichton is correct on some key conclusions in the author's message portion of the book.

• We are in a global warming trend that began a long time ago and nobody knows how much of this trend is caused by man and how much is natural.

• There are many reasons to shift away from fossil fuels, and we will without legislation. No one banned horse transport.

• People are well intentioned.

• There is too much certainty in the world.

• Everybody has an agenda.

• Politicized science is dangerous.

The last point is extremely important. Science and politics is a bad combo. So if you have taken the time to see An Inconvenient Truth, take the time to read State of Fear to get a little balance.

You can also listen to the March 14 IQ2 debate on NPR.

You can also see Al's 2006 Ted presentation.

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