Unsuiting a Suit

At all started when I met Joe Reger.

Joe has an interesting data blogging company called Reger.com. I was talking to Joe one day about my personal Web site. It recently had a facelift, and while the folks at Brandego that helped me did a fine job, it was lacking something. Joe told me to go read it in front of a mirror, which I did. It read like a press release.

I have no intention of being a press release. I want to be me. I had lost my voice! I don’t know and I don’t care where. I just know that I needed to find it. But how?

As things go, Joe knows a diva named Toby Bloomberg who is somewhat of a blog marketing expert. I asked for an introduction and the three of us sat down to talk. One of the first things out of Toby’s mouth was that “you are nothing like your site”. Toby convinced me within about 20 seconds that I needed to blog to get my voice back or in her words, “unsuit your suit”, which I thought was pretty funny, pretty on target, and actually considered it for the title of the blog.

So here I am.

I am blogging to find my voice again, learn about this new corner of the Internet, see how it might work for my clients, and shameless self-promotion.

I am going to write about things that I am passionate about: my experiences being an entrepreneur, consumer technology, how to grow technology companies, and all the important customer experience. Periodically I will post about more personal things.

So, here we go, let’s have fun!

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