Atlanta Winners: Open Source Research

I am working on a little project to create a list of the 10 biggest success stories (as measured by valuation) in Atlanta since the beginning of the third age of computing (Mainframe, PC, Internet).

Well I think things have gotten to the point where there is enough intelligence here to answer the question better than I can answer it alone. Here’s the start of the list. Let’s complete the rest.

1. Internet Security Systems. The name pretty much says it all. So does the sales price. Purchased by IBM for $1.3 billion. Lots of jobs remain in Georgia.

2. Cbeyond. A voice and broadband Internet provider built exclusively to serve small businesses. Current market cap as I write of $867 million. CBEY

3. MindSpring. Merged with EarthLink in 2000. At the time the deal was announced MindSpring’s market cap was around $1.8 billion, arguably making it the biggest success of all. Perhaps the bigger story was how the company brought Cali culture to the ATL. EarthLink’s market cap is down to around $850 million so I have them in the number three slot. CamCo. ELNK

4. Knology. Fine folks who we worked with at MindSpring to create a duel Internet service provider infrastructure when TimeWarner told us it was not technically feasible. They are essentially a cable over builder offering triple play services. Market cap just over $500 million. Good values, good people, good jobs. CamCo. KNOL

5. nFront. Provided electronic commerce software and services to community banks so that they could get into Internet banking. Went public. Acquired by Digital Insight. Double whammy. Tripp Rackley drives eight dream cars. CamCo. Looks like Digital Insight was just purchased by Intuit. I fear bad things.

6. Jboss. Open source middleware. Acquired by Red Hat for $420 million. Fluery moves on.

7. CipherTrust. Provides email security to enterprises in via an appliance. Purchased by SecureComputing for $273 million.

So fans of FoG I need your help completing the list. Whose missing? What’s their story?

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