8 Random Things

Joe Reger tagged me on the 8 Random Things meme while I was on vacation.  Here you go.

1.  Deeper am I technically than most people expect (updated due to comments).  Joe is the person that made me aware of this.

2.  I do not care for pets.  They smell.  With the possible exception of fish.

3.  I drive a 2001 silver/black BMW 540i six speed.  I really like it and intend to keep it until it dies.  I purchased it for myself as a 40th birthday present.  Wanted the M5 but it cost about 60% more at the time.  Guys, and only guys, still tell me from time to time “nice car”.  It is really quick.  The first week I had it I got a “car ticket” doing 79 mph on the 75/85 connector.  Everybody goes 79 on the connector.

4.  In 1995 the Kokomo Kid did not want me to get an AOL account because she feared she would become an online widow.  I never got the account, joined the industry instead, and her dream comes true from time to time as I get immersed in Internet companies.

5.  I had a deep seated fear of water due to an experience in a storm in my youth.  I decided to overcome this by learning to scuba dive.  I now have a healthy respect for water and an advanced open water certification.

6.  In high school I was a jock and dated cheerleaders.  The less said about that the better.

7.  I am a political purist.  Which means I really don’t care for politics of any type.

8.  I practice yoga. My practice is dedicated to my personal goals and values. I recently started putting the kids to bed at night by talking them through Savasana.

I am going to pass this to the top eight links in my blog roll that I know personally.

Stephen Fleming
Sanjay Parekh
Dave Coustan
Jeff Haynie
Tony Antoniades
Scott Burkett
Jason Caplain


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