Skribit In Open Beta

Skribit entered open beta last week.  Since we launched the product in private beta we have spent a good deal of effort making sure that the service and production environment were stable to handle the load.  And the load surely is growing.  We are getting upwards of 25K UV with no marketing spend as this Compete graph demonstrates:


The main customer visible changes as we move into open beta are notifications to bloggers when they get new suggestions and to readers when a blogger writes about a topic they suggested.  We also created weekly activity summaries for bloggers and added the ability to comment on suggestions.

The team is now at work on creating the next rev of the application that is focusing much more on improving the overall usability of the application and increasing user engagement. And that is what Skribit is all about, increasing the engagement between bloggers and their readers.

What’s also pretty exciting is that I think we are also getting close to paring down the group to a core team that is going to dedicate more time moving the project forward.   Not sure about this but we could be the first Startup Weekend project to take this step.  When it happens we will announce on the Skribit blog.

Regardless, if you blog give Skribit a whirl on your own site.  If you don’t blog make a suggestion in the application on the sidebar for something interesting for me to write about.  Either way the team and I would love your feedback on the Skribit application.

March 10, 2008  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Startups