Atlanta Early Stage Investors

One of the leading suggestions in my Skribit is the subject of Atlanta Investors.  I was fortunate enough to sit in on a talk that Sig Mosley, the unwitting godfather of early stage technology investing in Atlanta, had with the companies in the ATDC incubator program.  Sig got me motivated.   So today I am going to write a bit about Atlanta early stage investors.

But before I do that I think some of the things that Sig had to say about the state of early stage technology companies is also of interest.  According to Sig, there are more good opportunities going on in Atlanta than in the past four or five years.  In 2007 Imlay Investments did eight deals.  They have already committed to three in 2008.  Typically the firm does three deals a year.  Deals are flowing at the moment.  Sig finds the new media and video spaces to be very interesting at the moment.

Switching to Atlanta investors, Imlay is not the only game in town.  There are a host of individuals that do angel investing.  Most of them would not appreciate their names being published here.  If you want to find them I suggest finding a CEO of a company in your space that has been funded, ask them out to coffee, and find out the folks that were interested in their deal.  Try to get an introduction.

More formally the Atlanta Technology Angels is the biggest and oldest angel group in town.  They mostly do enterprise software type deals.  But if you have something else Knox Massey may be able to direct you to specific individuals within the group that may have an interest in your venture.  The Seraph Group is a well funded professional early stage venture fund based in Atlanta.  Seraph is one of those companies that is bridging the gap between traditional angel and VC investment, so they are really looking at companies that are raising more than $500k but not as much as a typical venture round.

What is really exciting are the new early stage investment vehicles that are being created.  All the talk over the last year or so about the need for a seed stage fund is starting to be more then talk.  A seed stage investment company called Profounder, of which I am an investor, is in the process of being formed.  There is another seed stage group being formed by two or three of the biggest names on the Atlanta technology scene.  Value-Plus Ventures is making its first set of angel like investments.  And don’t forget the Edison Fund if you have some loose connection to Georgia Tech.

To top all of this activity off, the folks over at StartupLounge have started the AngelLounge.
While this is more of a networking event for angels as opposed to an angel group per se, I predict that it will result in at the very least more engaged angels and perhaps yet another seed stage fund.

So if you are an early stage entrepreneur there are lots of options.  And the deals are flowing.  Go get yours.

And if I can help you know where to find me.

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