Startup Weekend Diffs

Over the weekend at BarCamp Atlanta nobody wanted to fill the opening slot in the main room.  I ended up stepping up and doing an ad-hoc presentation on what is changing with 2.0 version of Atlanta Startup Weekend.  There are some major changes in the works, all of which I think will add to the excitement.  Here is a brief summary.

Multiple Projects

Perhaps the most exciting change is that instead of all the participants working on a single project we will be working on as many projects as the group wants to support.  Since the new format was introduced at Boulder in March 6 – 9 projects have been moved forward in a typical (if there can be such a thing) weekend.   Last year we experienced a problem with too many cooks in one kitchen that created some issues.  This resulted in talented folks disengaging.  I have great hope for the multiple project format making Startup Weekend a richer experience for all.

No Atlanta Startup Weekend 2 LLC Will Be Formed

Last year we formed a partnership with all the participants of Atlanta Startup Weekend getting shares in an LLC which then got a 50% ownership stake in the resulting company, Skribit.  At Boulder 2 Andrew Hyde stated that this was taking place due to some blue sky law issues.  Don’t know much about that.  What I do know is that the LLC component has created some complicating issues for Skribit as it continues to move forward.  A change for the better.

No Company Formation Requirement

As with the LLC, there is no requirement that a project team form a company around their concept.  They can.  They can agree to work on an ad-hoc basis.  They can abandon their project all together.  They can join another team that wants to push forward.  The only requirements are to build the Atlanta startup community, learn, and have fun.  Sounds easy enough.

Less Hours

Last year we went from 6 pm – 2 am on Friday, 8 am – 2 am on Saturday, and 9 am on Sunday to 4 am on Monday.  We launched a Skirbit alpha at midnight on Sunday and spent a few hours doing testing.  I know the Atlanta Web community is very proud of the fact we launched on time with a great product (as it should be).  This year the official hours will be  Friday from 6-10 pm, Saturday from 9am-9pm. and Sunday from 9am-6pm.  You can expect ATDC to be open for a few hours on each side of the official hours as needed.  But there will be a bigger emphasis on informal project team meetings before and after hours.

More Fun

The multiple project format and lack of legal wranglings required is going to mean more fun.  More fun because more people will be able to be involved (expecting 100 or so, mosey on over to the Atlanta Startup Weekend blog to learn more and sign up).  More fun because we can focus on what matters.  Building stuff that people want to use.  Now if we can only get Andrew to join us…

Administrative note:  Please go to the Atlanta Startup Weekend 2 blog and subscribe to the feed.  Updates concerning the weekend will be taking place on a regular basis there.   

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