Kinetic Cam

I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear that Cam Lanier is joining Kinetic Ventures

Cam was the guy that funded MindSpring.  Alan Taetle and I would make the trek to West Point every six months or so to explain to Cam how we were going to achieve 20% quarter to quarter revenue growth that was in MindSpring's plan over the next six months or so.  Not sure if we always knew the full answer.  But we knew enough to sell it.   And then go and make it happen.

As I have said from time to time, I respect Cam a great deal.  In some ways he is just like Charlie Croker in A Man in Full.  But more then anything else, Cam is a man of values.  Those values are not just written on a Web page.  Cam lives them.

It's been awhile since I have spoken with Cam.  With Kinetic's
Atlanta office one floor above mine it will sure be good to see him around

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