Transforming Caterpillars into Butterflies

Next Tuesday morning I am participating on a panel entitled “Transforming Caterpillars into Butterflies: A Study of Emergent Organizations”.  Jake Messersmith, an Associate Professor of Management at The George Washington University who wrote his doctoral dissertation on the same subject will be giving the keynote.  In his presentation Dr. Messersmith will present research
results from a study of small and relatively young new ventures in the technology sector. Specifically, he is going to address the role of human resource management practices, managerial philosophy, and strategic posture as potential influencers of sales growth, turnover, and levels of

Sounds a little academic.

There was a desire to have someone with a bit of a more practical point of view and experience working with early stage executives to join in on a panel.  They asked me.  I said “sign me up.”

If this sounds interesting to you, click sign me up.

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