Forgive the indulgence of the Follower Tag Cloud post.  The output of Twittersheep was just to artistic to muddy with mere words.

I found Twittersheep via my friend Tessa.  Twittersheep is a Twitter visualization tool.  It searches your list of Twitter followers and pulls together a tag cloud based on keywords in their profiles.

The big words in my followers tag cloud?  Social media marketing entrepreneur.  It’s kinda what I am.  What I do.  And what the people that follow me do it seems.

Twittersheep was created by Nick Bilton, Ted Roden, and Michael Young.  During the day they do simply amazing work for NYTimes R+D.  On nights and weekends they create things like Twittersheep and pushing the envelope apps like

Good stuff.


February 5, 2009  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Internet, Startups, Web/Tech