Contagious Commitment

Two years or so ago I reached out to the Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs to offer them some space for their monthly meetings.  It was a bit of a lone wolf effort but one I think was appreciated. 

And as a result the group has grown.  Grown into an event that attracts darn near 100 participants every month.  One hundred people showing up every month to discuss Internet entrepreneurship is good thing.  The downside is that the room we have this event in seems to heat up.   Nobody seemed to care.  Until tonight.

Stephen Fleming, the newly selected Vice Provost of stuff that takes too long to explain, read a few tweets about the room getting warm, got in in his car with his wife at 8:00pm, and hand delivered some fans to make the experience a bit better.  Leadership by example.  Contagious commitment.


July 17, 2009  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Management