When Worlds Collide

Rich DeMillo is blogging.

He is writing about the interesting things that happen when
technology innovation and business execution impact each other.  How
technologists can get things done in a technology company and what
business managers need to know to be successful.  When Worlds Collide is about how organizations can succeed when
business execution and technology innovation seem to be on a collision
course.  The "hey, you got your peanut butter on my chocolate" result.

Rich has an impressive background.  He was in charge of the rebirth of undergraduate education in computer science at Georgia Tech, Chief Technology Officer
at Hewlett-Packard, VP of Computer Science
Research at Bellcore, and Director of
Computing Research at the National Science Foundation.  I had the chance to meet him at a football game a few years back.  He is nice guy.  And much easier to talk to than his background might suggest.

I love the title, When Worlds Collide.  The articles are thoughtful.  And I expect them to be as interesting and thought provoking as Rich's “Murder, Starvation, & Catastrophe – What Eric The Red Can Teach Us About 21st Century Innovation” that he delivered a few years back.  Rich was great in person.  I am looking forward to what he has to say online.

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