Atlanta Startup Weekend 3 Projects

There are 10 active projects currently at Atlanta Startup Weekend 3. Presentations start in less then an hour. Eager to see who can launch.  We may see four alphas or better.

aggregates event data from various social networking and event listing
web sites to create a searchable database that allows third parties to
recieve a comprehensive listing of events that is categorized by
interest, date, time, and geographic area, etc.

For all the things you wish they’d said.

Real-time news trends for your fantasy sports team.

FlexSeats is time sharing for season ticket holders.  It allows groups of friends and businesses to get together and share the cost of season tickets without the hassle of dividing up tickets, handling money, and handling conflicts.

Helps you quickly find events near you.

Moody Tweets
Moody Tweets is a Twitter application offering users the ability to express their personality and mood in an easy, fun and customized manner.

Socialytix analyzes your social networks to help you determine which relationships are the strongest, which need attention, and which should be abandoned altogether. From there, you can build an action plan to strengthen your most important relationships and build on forgotten ones.

Today’s Bracket
Difinitive answers to questions that don’t matter.

Touchdown Nation
Touchdown Nation – the hottest football game on Facebook! Build your team. Train your players. Win games. Who will dominate the field?

A quick and simple way to find out what people think. Voicify calls your customers, friend, or team members with the questions you want answered. It then displays the results in easy to read graphs to help you make better decisions about your business or personal life.

Xpense Track
Everyone hates expense reports. All those receipts. So many forms. XpenseTrack provides your company with a simple, paperless online receipt management system. Free yourself from the hassle of receipts. Go Receipt Free!

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