ATL [Startup Digest]

The Startup Digest is a weekly curated events email list that is focused on the needs of the startup community.  The concept was created by Chris McCann and Brendan McManus out in the valley last quarter with the following purpose. 

  1. We want to promote the entrepreneurial lifestyle and the culture of DOING, to help change the world into a better place.
  2. We want to strengthen the pre-existing entrepreneurial communities no matter how small or large they currently are.
  3. We want to create stronger bonds between entrepreneurs
    through relevant events where the startup community physically meets
    each other.
  4. We want to promote the cross-pollination of ideas and people that would not otherwise interact.
  5. We want to empower the leaders in these startup
    communities and give them the tools and inspiration to create a huge

The guys were getting lots of initial traction and were encouraged to expand to Atlanta.  ATL Startup Digest was born.  Jonathan Nelson was selected as the local curator.  Startup Digest is nicely presented and Jonathan is actively trying to find out about more startup related events in Atlanta.  I am sure he is looking for advertisers as well.  So if you have anything good let him know.  And signup for the email list.

To be fair to the local guy, Sanjay Parekh has an event mailing list called Startup Gossip.  You might want to signup for that list as well and see which you prefer.  

Who da thunk that Atlanta would have a competitive market for startup event mailing lists?  But it does.  In a year in which I have pledged to stop going to so many events so that I can personally focus on doing.

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