Sign It Sonny

Back in March I wrote about the Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill.  Well Georgia HB 1001 has morphed into Georgia HB 1069.  The bill has passed both the State House of Representatives and the State Senate. It now sits on the Governor’s desk.  It has been sitting there for a bit.  Governor Perdue has until June 8th to sign, veto, or pocket veto the bill.  It is time for the technology community to weigh in directly to the Governor.  It's time for you to ask to him to sign the bill HB 1069.  Now.  Immediately. Here's why.

  • If all the tax credits are used it would mean roughly $100,000,000 potential investment into Georgia companies.  
  • Technology startups that receive financial support related to the passage of the bill will have a direct and positive impact on job creation in Georgia. 
  • Passing the bill will be conducive to providing an environment that will enable startup businesses in Georgia to remain in the state and succeed. 
  • Georgia is competing with 23 other states which have such incentives for early
    stage investors, those who directly invest in startup businesses.

People have been working diligently on the Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill for some time.  Passing this bill is in the best interest of entrepreneurs and small
businesses in our state.  It's time to make it law. 

Please voice your opinion by contacting Governor Perdue today.

June 1, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Angels, Politics, Startups