Intern Meeting

Amidst a growing rash of lawsuits across the country that might just dork up the whole concept of internships I made my way up to KinetixHR to talk with their class of student workers over lunch. My friends there said all I had to do was talk about myself, my career choices, and what I had learned along the way. Easy enough. No prep required.

This is what I told them I have learned over the course of my career.

  • Values matter
  • Do what you love
  • Brand yourself
  • Have life goals
  • The path is not straight

And this was my job hunting advice

  • Always be networking, nearly all my career moves came from networking
  • Never send a resume until someone asks for it
  • Have a well built out LinkedIn profile because…
  • The first thing someone is going to do is Google you
  • Control as many top 10 SERPs as you can

Great group, had a lot of fun. Afterwards every single one of them reached out connect on LinkedIn. I was forewarned they would do so. And I accepted of course. I don't know if the Kinetix interns are paid or not, I do know the company is working hard to deliver them value over the summer.

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