Favorite Atlanta Tech Blogs

A long time ago in David Cumming's blogging time line (and not so long ago in mine) he wrote an article about the rise of the Atlanta startup bloggers and was kind enough to include FoG. You go there and you will see a long list of Atlanta startup bloggers and a few not so startup folks as well.

I took my blogroll down quite some time ago but in no particular order these are the Atlanta area technology oriented startup blogs that I read on a regular or semi regular basis.

David Cummings on Startups. My landlord and Atlanta startup poster child. Becuase I am hanging out at Atlanta Tech Village these days I also read their blog and Johnson Cook's

Academic VC - Stephen Fleming. He used to be my boss and says really smart things from time to time.

Begin the Begin - Jeff Hillimire. Great writing style. 

Rob's Blog - Rob Kischuk. A catchy name and ability to articulate the entrepreneurial mind set. He needs to write more.

Not Only Luck - John Melonakos. My office neighbor, have to play nice.

JohhnyBird. He actually goaded me into picking up my blog pace.

TechFlash - Urvaksh Karkaria. All the Atlanta tech news you want without a paywall. 

Hypepotamus Startup News - Michael Flanigan & Scott Henderson. Good writing style and great way to quickly catch up on Atlanta startup news. Kudos on their emails. They do a great job of sucking you in.

The ATDC blog. I started the thing.

Venture Atlanta blog. Another quick news catch up site. 

MailChimp Email Marketing Blog – Numerous. If you ask Ben he will say MailChimp is not a startup. He is right. MailChimp is an established mid-sized company. If you aspire to create such a thing sooner (hopefully) or later you are going to want a blog. Like many things MailChimp does it right. Something to emulate.

This is just my personal list and nothing more then that. I am sure that lots of these folks don't read my stuff and a lot of the folks that I did not mention may or may not visit here. It doesn't really matter, it is just a personal preference.

I would be interested in knowing your personal favorites. Not only the blogs themselves but more importantly the why.

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