TechSquare Labs

So the big news last week in Atlanta was the launch of TechSquare Labs. Artfully announced in the Atlanta Business Chronicle TechFlash the day before one of it's founders (Paul Judge) gave the keynote during the VIP lunch at the ATDC Startup Showcase, the new effort became quite the buzz. The other founder, Allen Nance, cleared up any confusion on what TechSquare Labs is all about on his blog. 

Having known Allen and Paul for a bit it is pretty clear what they are doing. They are coming together and institutionalizing what they have been doing for a number of years. They formed a company to create companies. They formed a company to do the same thing they have been doing with the likes of Pindrop Security and Springbot.

TechSquare Labs. It's not an accelerator. It's not an incubator. It's not even a fund per se. It's not about the number of startups served.

It's focused hands on very early stage management to provide capital, coaching, product development, and team building expertise. It's for technical founders. It's for deep IP. It's to build big, meaningful companies. It's a welcome addition to the ever growing Atlanta startup landscape. 

March 31, 2014  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Accelerators, Angels