The Switchyards Building

Last night was Switchyards demo night. Nine projects, I hesitate to call them companies, showed off what they had created last weekend to about 300 attendees. It was a good show and fun to knock off a little rust by participating as a member of the VacayWay team.

The big announcement of the night was by Michael Tavani about The Switchyards Building in Downtown Atlanta. He’s going all in to create some momentum for consumer tech startups in Atlanta.

Michael’s mission is to show that Atlanta can produce consumer startups. I spent last weekend working on a team and helping out some of the other teams in the first Switchyards batch to support Michael and the Switchyards initiative. Now Switchyards is looking for founding members. Essentially crowdsourcing some early funding. I am in on this effort as well. Join me. It’s just $50 to support a growing Atlanta startup ecosystem. As I have said before, regardless of what you might read elsewhere, more is good when it comes to the Atlanta startup community. Switchyards is more and another piece in making Atlanta a top startup city.

June 13, 2014  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Accelerators, Startups