Balanced Teams

Last week Fred Wilson posted about this great interview of Marc Andreesson at Stanford Business School. Being a business school there were a lot of soon to be minted MBAs in the room and the interview is conducted by one of them. The whole interview is quite entertaining.

At about the 4:30 mark Marc gets asked about MBAs flocking to the tech sector. Marc has a five minute long and insightful answer about the history of business people and tech people working together. He talks about how now “a lot of entrepreneurs are engineers but not business people” and the “what has been lost is the art of building a business and in particular what has been lost is the art of sales and marketing.”

Marc’s logic is worth five minutes if you can’t listen to the whole hour. He┬áhas identified an early trend, the tech industry management pendulum is swinging to more balanced business/tech leadership teams.

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