One of the ways that I have been spending a bit of my time for the past few months is with a company called Freshtix. Freshtix provides event registration and ticketing for organizers to promote and sell tickets.

Freshtix is part of Ticket Alternative. Ticket Alternative was formed back in 2003 by Iain Bluett and Jamie Dwyer who made it their mission to provide tickets for events without the huge fees charged by the 800 pound guerialla in the space that everyone loves to hate. Having a competitor like that makes it a bit easier to grow. And grown they have.

Over the years Ticket Alternative has become one of the largest sellers of custom printed tickets and event wristbands in the country. Ticket Alternative can ticket almost every type of event, large or small, including concerts, sporting events, theater productions, festivals, and parties. Along the way the company also morphed into a fully staffed call center that sells tickets for high profile clients such as Atlanta Botanical Garden, The Fox Theatre, Atlanta Silverbacks, and the College Football Hall of Fame. The company has made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private U.S. companies every year since 2009. Pretty impressive streak.

Iain and I first meet sometime around 2009 when that streak started. Freshtix seems to be a vehicle that might enable them to continue on a strong growth trajectory. Freshtix ticket sales have grown from literally nothing at the beginning of the year to well in the six figures now. Sales have been mostly to current Ticket Alternative customers that want the convenience of do it yourself ticketing.

With this traction and the maturation of the product it is time to open things up a bit. If you run events we would love for you to give Freshtix a whirl. You can sign up here. If your event is free there is no charge for the service. If you charge for your event the normal cost of Freshtix is $.99 per ticket plus 2% of the ticket price and credit card processing fees. Friends of FoG that sign up and create a paid event will get that $.99 per ticket waived. If you are an event organizer using another self service ticketing system that could but quite a chunk of change in your pocket.

Give Freshtix a try and let me know about your experience.

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