Most Active Atlanta Investors

So TechCrunch Pitch-off made its way to Atlanta the other night. The best thing to come out of that was not the event itself but an article by Christine Magee chock full of CrunchBase data. The most interesting of which was a chart of the most active investors in Atlanta based startups since 2010. Active Atlanta Investors Not sure exactly how accurate this data is, let’s just assume it is Neilson correct, but there are some interesting tidbits to take away from it.

First and foremost BIP and BLH have been busy with a capital B. I am in the BLH office quite a bit and there are always people coming and going. Ashish is placing lots of bets. It turns out so many the firm is one of the most active in Atlanta over the past five years.

Another thing that surprised me is that eight of the ten firms listed are based in Atlanta. I would expect a bit more of an out of town presence given how entrepreneurs go fund fishing on the coasts. Perhaps the takeaway is to fish in your hometown.

It’s also nice to see Hallet Capital on the list. Jon is a silent type down to earth A team baller. All he does is deals. Successful ones.

Five years from now it will be worth looking back and doing a comparison with this list. There is a new wave of investors formed in the last year or so like Atlanta Venture, Mosley Ventures, Tech Square Labs, and Tech Square Ventures that due to their life cycle did not make the top ten cut this time around. My bet is that a few of them will be by then.

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