Doing The Thing

It’s been a while since I have written here. And from time to time I reflect a little on why. It’s because of Amy Poehler. More specifically it is because her quote-filled delightful book Yes Please. This is one of the quotes that really hit me.

Amy was I believe referring to reviewers of her work. It kinda hit me in another way.

For the vast majority of the life of FoG I have been talking about doing the thing. The thing being entrepreneurship, marketing, SaaS, sales, startups, angel investing, venture capital, and the like.

A while back instead of talking and writing about the thing I started doing the thing. I like the doing. I like the doing more than writing about the doing. And the challenge of actually growing a business is a lot more interesting to me than telling other people how to go about it.

Not sure if that is a fitting epitaph for FoG or even if it is dead. For now, I am doing the thing and having a lot of fun. Writing about the thing is just not something that I find that interesting right now.

December 31, 2017  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Books, Personal