GRA/TAG Presentation

This morning Fred Nixon, Vince Zappa, and I presented the company concept we have been working on to a group of judges for the GRA/TAG Business Launch Competition.

The judges included Don Addington who runs Seagull Software, Claire Arnold, CEO of Leapfrog (gotta love the URL), Sunil Dhaliwal, one smart dude from Battery whom I have known since my CipherTrust days, Bill Marks who runs the technology practice for CGI in Atlanta, Knox Massey the Executive Director of the Atlanta Technology Angels, and Natan Ottinger of Silicon Valley Bank.

The guys seem to think it went pretty well. We will see, while the presentation was semi-on, I was not feeling a lot of love.

Regardless of the outcome the competition has been a good experience and a lot of fun.

You do gotta wonder what to think about a guy who calls getting up at four in the morning to practice a presentation fun.

May 3, 2006  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Startups