Human Search Engine

I was out at the Braves game on Friday night to watch the home team take on the Mets. Smoltz was on the mound for the Bravos. We were having a debate on how many career wins he had. Tried to find the answer via our trusty Treo browsers.

No luck.

Felix Chung made a phone call to get the answer. 177.

He called the Auburn Help Line at 334-844-4244. It is staffed by the Tiger faithful that will answer questions about anything. I don’t see the business model there but it works.

Thanks to Dan The Man for having me out. Also ran into Ben Sabrin. Congrats to both of them and the entire JBoss team on the Red Hat deal.

BTW, the Braves lost. Fifteen straight division titles is looking a little distant at the moment.

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