Technorati Sucks

It really really does.

I have been blogging for over six months. I have about 100 posts. I manually ping the big T every time I post.

The big T says I have not updated my blog in 190 days. Ugg… wrong. I have tried to follow the rather vague instructions to claim my blog to no avail:

Posting Instructions

1. Step 1: Open another browser window (while keeping this one open too); in the other window log into your Blog Platform account.
2. Step 2: Create a new post in your blogging software.
3. Step 3: Select the “edit HTML” button to switch to HTML mode if applicable.
4. Step 4: Copy the code below, then paste it into the body of your new post (use any title you like).
Technorati Profile
5. Step 4: Publish the post on your blog.
6. Step 5: Check to make sure your new post is live, then click the button below.

Check to make sure your new post is live, then you’re ready to proceed.

I am a fairly advanced user, if this is confusing me the only thing I can say with certainty is that this is never going to mainstream.

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