This I Believe

When I started this blog I declared that I was going to be sharing some of my personal values and goals. With a tip of the hat to NPR these are my personal core values.

Bullet point style, I may elaborate later.

Regardless, these are the things that I stand for and strive to be recognized for in others.

1. Bring passion and a strong work ethic in all I do focusing on results. Give my best effort and strive for personal betterment, self-satisfaction, and success.
2. Urgently and enthusiastically approach new challenges, and all else I do.
3. Make commitments with care, do what I say I am going to do.
4. Live by the golden rule. Be friendly and courteous as well as fair and compassionate. Treat other individuals with dignity and respect. Be cooperative, direct, honest and open. Be graceful with measured words and actions.
5. Seek the advice and counsel of others frequently and thoughtfully. When requested, concentrate on taking the time and focusing attention to offer mindful insights to others.
6. Never be satisfied with the status quo, setting high professional expectations of myself and others, while endeavoring to maintain an overall sense of personal contentment.
7. Enjoy the pleasures of life, achievement, and the fruits of labor for my family and myself in a self-effacing, modest, unassuming and fiscally responsible manner.
8. In all things be disciplined and balanced.
9. Have fun!

Pretty straightforward.

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