Purewire Progresses

Big day for Purewire.  Today they announced $2 million in funding, Tom Noonan joined their Board of Directors, and the general availability of the Purewire Web Security Service.

The Purewire team quietly formed about nine months ago and began working on their concept.  They announced the formation of the company in May.  And now today.

The company was founded by my former partners in crime from CipherTrust, which was acquired by Secure Computing in 2006 for around $300 million. The founding team included Mike Van Bruinisse, President & COO; Dr. Paul Judge, CTO; and Mark Caldwell, Vice President of Sales.  Since then they have recruited Steve Raber to join as CEO, Brad McArthur as Vice President of Operations, and Mary Catherine Petermann as Vice President of Marketing.

The $2 million raise was a "friends & family" round led by Imlay Investments.  Those guys have some really great friends (one of them is me) to pull together that much coin.  They can do so at this stage because the story is compelling, they have done it before together, the team has the passion that it takes to succeed, and MVB and company are thinking big.

Essentailly Purewire is offering a cloud computing security service.  The product platform is strong. The four core technologies are Sandbox which protects browsers from script-based attacks; Reputation, a real-time URL classification engine; Trust that correlates user reputation, Web reputation and other heuristics; and Webcelerator an acceleration technology that maintains speed and responsiveness while all the other activity is going on in the background.

If you are looking to join an early stage company that intends to make a big splash Purewire is hiring developers and engineers.

Tell them I sent you. I don’t think they will hold that against you.

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