Signup For BarCamp Atlanta

Yesterday on PeachSeedz ATDC announced BarCamp Atlanta2.  It will be held on October 17th and 18th.

BarCamp is an ad-hoc
unconference born from the desire for
people to learn and share in an open environment.   If you have never attended a BarCamp session anywhere you really need to consider coming and participating.  And participating is a requirement.  If you come you have to either give a demo, present, or lend a hand in some way.  And while there are lots of geeks at BarCamp anyone with expertise and an interest in sharing and learning is welcome.

BarCamp is a very fun and uplifting experience.  Sign up now if you intend to attend.  And spending the night is an option, not a requirement if you care to do so.

I have three roles in BarCamp Atlanta2.  I am coordinating ATDC offering the space,  I intend to present, and I am in charge of t-shirts.  In order to have t-shirts I am looking for a t-shirt sponsor.  Just pop me a line at lance at weatherby dot net if you might want to pitch in.

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