Less Venture Capital

Negative returns, venture capital fund raising down $30 billion, number of future firms closing funds down by over 500, few IPOs, SOX, exits only to strategic buyers, exit values down, no big technology shift creating innovative growth opportunities. John Jannarone of The Wall Street Journal does a pretty good job of summing up the state […]

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July 20, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Unconference

SoCon10: Social Media ROI

Today at the sold out SoCon10 I am giving the presentation you see below entitled “Measuring Social Media ROI: An ATDC Case Study.” The genesis of the presentation is twofold.  First and foremost in the summer of 2009 there was a lot of talk about how you could not or should not measure the return […]

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January 30, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in atdc, Marketing, Presentations, Social, Unconference

Mobicamp Wrapup

This past Friday ATDC was the host sponsor for mobicamp, a new unconference centered around mobile technology and its impact on the day to day life of average users.  About 70 or so mostly mobile devs descended on the incubator to talk about iPhone development (a bit too much) and more.  While the production put […]

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June 1, 2009  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Mobile, Unconference


mobicamp will take place on Friday May 29, 2009 from 5-10 pm at Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center.   What is mobicamp you may ask?  According to Amro Mousa who is spearheading the event: mobicamp is a new, annual unconference in Atlanta centered around mobile technology and its impact on the day to day […]

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March 25, 2009  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in atdc, Internet, Unconference

CloudCamp is Coming

On January 20th from 4:00 to 9:30 ATDC is proud to be the host sponsor of CloudCamp Atlanta. CloudCamp is an unconference where attendees can exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies.  The big driver behind CloudCamp Atlanta is John Willis […]

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December 10, 2008  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in atdc, Internet, Unconference

My BarCamp Atlanta Presentation: “That’s What You Twittered”

ATDC is the host sponsor of BarCamp Atlanta 2, which essentially means I am spending the better part of the weekend with about 95 geeks and 5 geekettes. Those that follow me on Twitter know that I used the service to crowdsource my presentation.  I got the concept from a presentation that Chris Winfield created […]

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October 18, 2008  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in atdc, BarCamp, Fun, Internet, Unconference

Event Roundup

Next week is going to be a big one in the Atlanta startup technology world.  And I mean big.  From Wednesday morning to Saturday afternoon it is one glorious gathering after another. GTISC Security Summit Wednesday morning kicks things off with the GTISC Security Summit.  This year the focus is on emerging cyber security threats. […]

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October 9, 2008  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in atdc, BarCamp, Entrepreneurship, Unconference, Venture Capital

Signup For BarCamp Atlanta

Yesterday on PeachSeedz ATDC announced BarCamp Atlanta2.  It will be held on October 17th and 18th. BarCamp is an ad-hoc unconference born from the desire for people to learn and share in an open environment.   If you have never attended a BarCamp session anywhere you really need to consider coming and participating.  And participating is […]

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August 27, 2008  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in BarCamp, Unconference

Let’s Play Two

This fall Atlanta is going to host its second version of BarCamp and Startup Weekend. BarCamp Atlanta2 is being planned for October 17 and 18.  Michael Mealling is picking up leading the effort from Jeff Haynie.  If you want to reach out to Michael try twitter. Atlanta Startup Weekend 2 is being planned for the […]

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June 19, 2008  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in BarCamp, Startups, Unconference, Web/Tech