Event Roundup

Next week is going to be a big one in the Atlanta startup technology world.  And I mean big.  From Wednesday morning to Saturday afternoon it is one glorious gathering after another.

GTISC Security Summit

Wednesday morning kicks things off with the GTISC Security Summit.  This year the focus is on emerging cyber security threats. Lt. General Robert J. Elder, Jr., who you most likely have never heard of, is giving a keynote entitled "Global Opeations and Mission Assurance in a Contested Cyber Envrionment".  Tom Noonan, whom you most likely have heard of, is then moderating a panel on the subject.

Venture Atlanta

The biggest venture capital event in Atlanta history is taking place on Wednesday and Thursday at the Omni Hotel.   The Omni is sold out and Venture Atlanta is almost as well.  Over 100 VCs packing the halls talking deals.  On Wednesday afternoon ATDC and VentureLab are putting on "Let’s Make a Deal".  I am partially playing the role of Monty Hall

Executing Social Media

I am not going to be able to make it to the Executing Social Media conference but if Grayson Daughters says it is going to be good I believe her.  For social media types with big expense accounts.  The $1295 registration fee makes the cost of entry to Venture Atlanta seem like a bargain.

Meet The VC

I will be sitting down next Friday morning bright and early with  Vimal Patel of Sierra Ventures out of Menlo Park for the second interation of ATDC’s Meet the VC. Despite the early time slot the first session with Alan Tatele was full of energy.  I expect more of the same and a sell out crowd.  It is free but you have to register.  And if you have any questions that you would like me to ask Vimal you can do so in the comments.

BarCamp Atlanta 2

This unconference is filling up fast with 169 folks registered to attend.  The kick off on Friday night will be huge.  Like Meet the VC, BarCamp is free and you can register here until it fills up.   But it requires active participation.  You have to come prepared to give a presentation or demo.  I  am pretty sure the title of my presentation is going to be "That’s What You Twittered", a crowd sourced presentation.  If you want to play along with that, follow me on Twitter.

It’s gonna be a fun week.


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