The Julia Roy Incident

It all started innocently enough when I read this tweet.
Julia Roy 1

What's that all about I wondered? Well it turns out that a pack of Web celebs created charity auctions on eBay to benefit charity: water (a worthy cause). Julia Roy was offering a 6 hour dinner and drinks outing.  Being a semi experienced Ebayer, I decided to have a little fun.

Lance 1

It seemed to work.

Julia Roy 2

Emboldened, I went too far.

Lance 2 

Too far, as in putting in a bid for $1,200.  It was a too much for d***e.  He dropped out at $1,101.  I was currently the winning bidder at $1,126. I sent Julia a direct message.

Lance 3

I am indeed happily married with a great wife and two great kids.  And I was mortified, absolutely mortified, that no one was going to outbid me. Julia sent me back this nice message.

Julia Roy 3 

Which sounded all well and good.  I have a personal slush fund that I can do whatever I want with. Abby, my wife, is an understanding lady that let's me do lots of things.  But I was having a real hard time figuring out how I was going to explain spending $1,200 on a charity in conjunction with dinner and drinks with a twenty something blonde in NYC that had been referred to as "the world’s hottest geek".  It would be a cold spring in Atlanta if that came to pass.

Eight days went by.  No other bids. Deepening distress.

Julia and my $1,126 bid made its way to the front page of eBay.

I started scheming up some ways that I might be able to get a little value out of my donation. Julia seems smart.  Understands social media.  Perhaps I could use some of those six hours included in the auction as social media consulting time.  If the bid stood that was my plan.  See if Julia would agree to do some consulting work when I went off to do my next big thing.

I was explaining all this to Calvin Yu and Paul Stamatiou during our bi-weekly Skribit meeting .  Paul got pretty excited.  He knows Josh Spear who founded Undercurrent.  Julia works there as a Senior Agent. He offered to go in half. I told him he did not need to do that.  But I was more than a bit relieved when I saw this.

Stammy 1 

Paul went on to win the auction at the price of $1,549.  He published his thoughts on winning.

My thoughts. All's well that ends well. In a roundabout way I helped raise money and awareness for charity: water.  Paul is going to NYC to hang with his friend and meet a new one.  Increased exposure for Skribit and him are sure to result. And I learned a lesson. 

Natasha Wescoat also has an auction on eBay to benefit charity: water.  I am currently winning.

The auction is for a painting.

Update:  I won the painting auction.

Natasha Wescoat

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