It's back.  Running from now until April 11.

For the past two years I have given up some form of Internet technology for Lent. 

Two years ago it was Google and Yahoo!  I went back to them both for awhile.  These days it seems like just about everybody has given up on Yahoo!.  And the GOOG borg just keeps sucking us all in.

Last year I give up social networks.  Never really went back to LinkedIn and Facebook.  Twitter has become my social network of choice.

I have been contemplating what to do this year for some time.  Give up Twitter. No way. Drives too much traffic.  I thought of giving up follower scrutiny. Doing auto-follow. But that didn't feel right.

It seems I have started a bit of a trend in Atlanta with this giving up technology thing.  Stephen Fleming announced he was giving up Twitter for Lent.  Knox Massey said all social networks, blogs and limited email.

When others are zigging it's time to zag.  I'm keeping my technology this year.  All of it. 

It's just past midnight.  For Lent I am giving up staying up during the work week.

Let's see now that goes.

Update:  Perhaps I did give up something technical for Lent.  I killed www.weatherby.net.  For the time being blog.weatherby is my home on the Internet.  I also am giving up checking my lance@mindspring.com email address.  Had it since 1995.

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