Ignore Everybody Except Hugh MacLeod

Ignore Everybody It is rare that I do book reviews on FoG.  It is even more rare that I do them before finishing a book. But here goes.

I am about a third of the way into Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh MacLeod.  It’s supposed to be a book about being creative.  But it is much more then that.  If you read it through the eyes of an entrepreneur that wants to change the world it is brilliant.  Or in the spirit of the book, totally f-ing amazing.  Not the tactics of making your venture successful, but the strategy of making your life successful.  Here are some gems from the first 11 pages:


Your idea doesn’t have to be big.  It just has to be yours alone.  The more
the idea is your alone the more freedom you have to do something


Doing anything worthwhile takes forever.  Ninety percent of what separates successful people and failed people is time, effort and stamina.

If somebody in your industry is more successful then you, it’s probably because he works harder at it then you do.  Sure, maybe he’s more inherently talented, more adept at networking, but I don’t consider that an excuse.  Over time that advantage counts for less and less.  Which is why the world is full of highly talented network-savvy, failed mediocrities.

Being good at anything is like figure skating – the definition of being good
at it is being able to make it look easy.  But it never is easy.
Ever.  That’s what stupidly wrong people conveniently forget.

Hugh’s writing is based on his own experience as a creative type.  Back in 1997 he started doodling on the back of business cards.  Seems like kinda a stupid idea.  But it was his idea.  And he worked it.  Made it work.

Buy the book, borrow the book.  Do whatever you can to read the book.  Lacking your ability to do that go read the blog post on which the book is based.

Best way to sum up the book is the way Hugh did.  “Work hard.  Keep at it. Live simply and quietly.  Remain humble.  Stay positive.  Create your own luck.  Be nice.  Be polite.”

Rock on.

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