It’s Summer

I got up this morning for an early breakfast meeting.  Made it out of the house in about 30 minutes.  No kids to feed and get ready for school.  They were still sleeping comfortably.  A real sign it's summer.  And if it's summer then spring break must be over and it's time to start paying attention to FoG again.  

It's been over five weeks since I have written a blog post.  I stopped because I needed a break.  And when I stopped I did not know for certain if I would start up again. So instead of writing articles I spent time thinking.  Thinking if I wanted to write articles.

Part of me said no, that I had achieved the objectives that I set when I started blogging. As I wrote in my second blog post:

"I am blogging to find my voice again,
learn about this new corner of the Internet, see how it might work for
my clients, and shameless self-promotion."

FoG has been a pretty good vehicle for me to be me.  That individual that some how was turned into a corporate drone (never really).  I have learned quite a bit about social media.  Dare I say an expert? (shudder). Perhaps.  And somewhere along the way I lost my clients as I focused more and more on finding my own startup.  As for the shameless self-promotion, that never ends, marketing is a never-ending process.  So a part of me feels that I have achieved almost all I can achieve with my personal blog.  At this point is keeping it up worth the effort?  Would the time I spend on FoG be best put to use on more important objectives?  Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Something else happened as well.  It seems I had stopped writing because I had something to say and started writing to build traffic.  To keep the Compete, Google Analytics, Technorati gods happy. To keep those trend lines hockey sticking upward.  Two words.  Off strategy.

So I stopped.  To get a little perspective.  Just to let it go.  And I gotta tell you, I did not miss the writing all that much.  But there was one thing I did miss.  I missed all of you that make FoG a community.  As a community where good conversation can happen.  As a community where I try to be a good approachable organizer and meet interesting new people with interesting points of view.

So I am back on FoG. And I am going to keep on it for a while.

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