July Event Roundup

I first did this type of post last month and some received positive feedback.  So here we go again.  Even though it is July lots going on.  And since we are celebrating freedom this month I thought it would be good to talk a bit about (mostly) free things.

Angel Investing For Entrepreneurs
Knox Massey of the Atlanta Technology Angels is putting on a short program to help Georgia based entrepreneurs understand the basics of angel investing—from an investors viewpoint.  These are taking place on July 8 and 23 from 12 – 2.  You can learn more here.  Free.

CapVenture is a unique ATDC education program that equips
early stage (typically those seeking their first institutional round of
financing) CEO's and executives for smarter and more productive
capitalization of their business. Final applications
are due July 15.  The program runs from run from August 25th to
September 29th and concludes with an investor forum and a shot at
getting involved with Venture Atlanta.  Not Free.

Atlanta CEO Council
The Atlanta CEO Council provides entrepreneurs, C-Level executives,
investors, and selected services partners to participate in an
exclusive networking environment.  Exclusive being a key word (one of the beenies ATDC companies receive is access). Their next shindig on at the Ritz on July 20 at 5:30.  Free.

Convince and Convert: How to Pull More Prospects Into and Through the Sales Funnel
Stacy Willams the president of Prominent Placement invited me to a Webinar July 21 from 2 – 3.  Stacy is a SEO guru and when she talks I listen.  Given that getting customers is a pretty darn important thing to be focusing on you should too.  Learn more here.  Free

Social Media Camp
Atlanta did not make the cut for the official Social Media Club Summer Tour.  But I want one.  Others seem to be doing their own.  We should too.  Not free.  It will take effort.  Who wants to play?

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