Startup Marketing

Over in my Skribit widget "startup marketing" seems to be a quite popular subject.  I have written several posts on the subject.  Below is a roundup.

Creep Don't Leap. Your startup marketing effort should be scaled slowly.

The Best PR.  Make sure your employees are happy and empower them to do the right thing for the customer.

Marketing Is Not A Department.  To do successful startup marketing every employee needs to make
decisions from the beginning with the potential customer in mind.

Positioning.  A quite powerful marketing concept that every startup should proactively manage.

Markets Are Conversations.  Listen. Talk.

Your Brand Promise.  Just a fancy way of saying what unique value that you
are delivering to the market.

Brand Identity.  The unique set of associations that you aspire
to create for your startup.

Yes Master (The Only Brand Strategy For Startups).  Early stage technology companies should only implement a master brand strategy. 

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