"You can't teach speed."


I don't know who said it but it's true.  It's a sports reference. Speed is really quickness.  You can't teach someone to run a 4.4 forty.  They just can.

It also applies to startups.  I was giving a presentation at Shotput Ventures recently and a word popped into my head that I had not used in a long long time.  Veloctile (və-ˈlä-sə-ˈtī(-ə)l).  It's a word I made up.  I made it up to describe a core characteristic that a person needed to possess in order to succeed in a high growth startup.  A person is veloctile if they have the ability to act quickly with little information in a rapidly changing environment.  They just can.  They do, and they do the right thing.  And if they don't have it you can't teach it. 

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