Incubation in Georgia

ChubbyBrain, whose name is perhaps only surpassed by BackPackBuddy, is issuing a series of reports on the state of incubators around the nation.  They recently covered Georgia.  Not surprisingly, ATDC dominates the market with over a 50% share when you combine the Atlanta and Savannah results. 

Georgia Incubators

ATDC is really not just an incubator any more.  It is more of a venture accelerator with an incubation space for companies that need it.  If you do the math on the old ATDC data that CubbyBrain used of 39 companies it would put the total market at about 75 companies incubating in Georgia, or 36 non ATDC companies.  ATDC now has 218 member companies.  The ATDC share under the new model is more like 86%.  It also makes ATDC the largest program in the country. 

Pretty impressive.

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