Customer Acquisition

David Skok, a five time startup entrepreneur turned venture capitalist at Matrix Partners recently blew into Atlanta for the DLA Venture Pipeline meeting and he blew away the crowd with his talk on "Customer Acquisition & Monetization."  The presentation which is embedded below summarizes several key themes on David's blog, "for Entrepreneurs." 

I have written briefly about customer acquisitions costs here before.  What I have not fully explained, and what David does such a wonderful job of demystifying, is the analytical analysis and math that is a part of building a successful Internet business.  Capital light not only applies to product development, it applies to marketing.  Entrepreneurs must focus on making it easy for their product to function as a sales force and for customers to sell themselves.

In his presentation and on his blog David has provided a roadmap for not only reducing customer acquisition costs but for building a marketing machine.  Entrepreneurs would be wise to follow the path.

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