Startup Riot Pitch Hour 1

Today is Startup Riot.
Startup Riot is a is pitch event where technology startups present
their companies for three minutes using four slides.  This year it
moved to the opulent and spacious Egyptian Ballroom at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.
The Fox is an Atlanta institution and the move there is representative of how the event has grown in stature.  Startup Riot was on NPR this morning and Robert Scoble of Scobleizer fame flew into town for the event.

This is the third year of the event and it continues to grow.

I covered the event in 2009 and 2008.

I am going to try live blogging with quick updates on presenting
companies and a quick evaluation of their companies and pitches.


An event driven digital receipt system.  Good use of props.  Like
electronic receipt concept.  Have customers and revenue.  Have unique
technoloigy.  Did not mention team.  While wanting money did not make a
specific ask.


Provides admin tools and a customer player to distribute combinations of media in one syncronized assemblage.  Led by Ben Dyer.  Don’t totally understand the problem.


Provides virtual PBX for startups and small companies.  Two person team working part-time.  Fully functional app looking for cusomers.  ATDC company.


Manufacture phototherapy machines and accessories for the treatment of skin disorders.  Reading slides is a major issue.  No passion.  FDA approved.  Seeking unstated amount for marketing.  Not my area of expertise so I can not comment on market need.


Ensures reliable email delivery.  Low cost is not a great selling point for a startup.  Have a nice customer list.


Helps non-profits and urban planners communicate more effectively online.  Great presence.  Not sure if there is a real problem or market but what do I know.  Raising unstated amount of funds.  Product not complete.

Bookkeeping app for small business owner or free lancer.  Targeting QuickBooks.  He is right, they suck.  Good use of humor.  “We suck the least.”  Nice clean looking app.  Been around three years.  Good third party integration.  I am going to try the product.  Want money to “topple the evil QuickBooks.”

Artisanal Influence

Allows wine bloggers to gracefully offers to sample wines, attend industry events, and offer product giveaways.  Good presentation skills and storytelling.  Sitting next to two wine guys.  They don’t think there is a problem.


A centralized real estate marketing service. They sell virtual tours and to newspapers in third tier markets that need an online real estate presence. They have complete product, customers, and revenue. I think he said profitable.  Woot!

Drive Safe

Uses needle free continuous, non-invasive technology to give diabetics an alternative to invasive glucose testing. Seems like a real problem. Have patents. Not sure how large the market might be. Over a year away from launch. Need investors to do that.


The place where online video producers and fans alike can design, purchase, and sell merchandise based off their favorite online videos.  Have launched.  100,000 unique visitors.  Cash flow positive.  We make “kiss ass merchandise.” Rock on.

Learn It Live

On online marketplace where you can connect live with top experts and instructors in interactive one on one and group classes.  “A world of experts in the palm of your hands.”  Did not explain the business.  I coached Sidney.  I need to do better.

Gold Brothers Entertainment

Developer of iPhone and ITouch apps.  Created oBo Agent a fee based service connecting writers to agents and publishers.  Raised $250k.  Founder created “Trading Space.”  Did not explain business.


Helps people make new business or social connections both online and off. Recently relocated to Atlanta. Not seeking funding.  Interesting play.  Merging social with dating.  Big market that they might be able to carve out a niche.

Rank ’em

Crowdsourcing music discovery by sorting the catalogs of every artist of all time based on the opinions of thost that know them best.  Great passion.  Releasing product next week.  Have revenue via affiliate marketing.  Looking to raise $250k.  Busy space.


A marketplace aiming to make vacation rentals a more reliable alternative to hotels by offering online bookings, reviews, and more.  Nice slides.  Big market.  Even busier space than music.  With a few big established players.  I don’t understand how they standout.


Brings analytics to career management. Nice presentation manner. Good slides.  Interesting concept.  Have filed a patent.  Need to get some customer validation.  Currently collecting input from the same for development of alpha.


A fresh approach to social media analytics. A Shotput Ventures company. They raised a follow on round. Adam has good presentation skills. Opening beta today. Could have explained business model better.

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