Startup Riot Pitch Hour 2

Live blogging of the second hour of pitches at Startup Riot.

High Road Craft

Craft ice cream for restaurants, hotels, and caterers.  They want to be the Ben & Jerry's for hotels.  Not looking for investment, have ten customers and are profitable.  Nice pictures.  I just ate and am getting hungry.  Will be looking at follow investment in a year.   Do not get the tech play here.


Marketing automation that detects and tracks prospects.  Love the energy.  Met the team before.  Like what they are doing.   Business SaaS model.  Have customers.  You might be hearing more about this one.


Next generation message board software.  Shotput Ventures company.  ATDC is using the software.  Works well.  SaaS model.  Looking for $150k seed round.  I have been coaching them a bit during my day job.


Helps team members make and keep commitments within email.  Have filed for a patent.  Have paying customers and $1 million in funding.  The founder and former CEO of EDGAR Online just joined as CEO.  Winner.

Bee Well Wishes

Online retailer offering comfy get well gifts for people that are sick, recovering or simply need cheering up.  E-commerce is good.


A real-time receipt management mobile to SaaS solution for small to mid-size businesses.  Nice opening.  Founder Jen Bonnett was eTour CTO and founder of StartupChicks.  Freemium model. Getting ready to go to alpha.  Company was started at Atlanta Startup Weekend.


An Internet based platform where users can get quotes, compare, and purchase individual health insurance plans.  They make commissions when a consumer purchases a plan.  "This isn't the valley.  Get a customer."  Looking for talent to help move things forward.  I have been working a bit with the company.


Electronic boutique featuring tax free gifts on domestic flights.  Patent pending software.  Market seems big, ever hear of SkyMall?  Going pretty fast.  Too much info.  Looking for capital.  Don't know how much.


Patent pending (eight of them) technology to convert coal into synfuels.  Seeking $1 million for pilot. Making a gasifier.  Claims 10x cost reduction.  Nice serious presentation. Until he said "shit" right in the middle of it.


A social web utility that helps college students discover and share all of the events and specials happening in their city.  Good energetic presentation style.  Cool name.  Reminds me of Hapnin.  Facebook is waning?  I don't think so.  Sales heavy advertising model may be a challenge.  Looking for investors to expand.

Visual accessory tool for computers that works like an overhead projector.  Big market, not sure what they are doing or how they fit in.  Do not have a revenue model just yet.  Selling product online.  Self funded to date.  Sounds like a two person team.  Advice to all:  drop the dot com.


Makes it easy for people to find and share the best blogs and blogosphere trends.  Good use of humor to poke fun at self.  Have a paid iPhone app.  It is my understanding they have sold quite a few of them.  Launching an API.  Three person team.  I have been working with them a bit for a while.  Like it.


Combines power of social networking with real-world grassroots action.  SaaS model.  Looking for customers and partners.  Not sure of business model.


Makers of youhaveapackage.  Software that automates package delivery in multi-dwelling units.

Smart Video Interactive

Digital signage company.  Big, fragmented market.  I have played in that sandbox.  Tough.  Good presentation.  Looking for a CEO and $250k.  Product in test phase.    


Helps organizations save time by making meetings more effective and providing visibility into meeting effectiveness.  In beta.  SaaS model.  Coached founder in CapVenture.  Nice pivot from the concept he had then.


A simple web based email system for use by seniors and their caregivers.  Named after the founders grandfather.  Product in use.  Good press coverage.  Bootstrapped.  Looking for intros into assisted living facilities.


A social study network for students.  CEO Phil Hill has past success.  Good team of developers working on a concept that was developed at Emory and Georgia Tech.  National Science Foundation and Georgia Resource Alliance funded.  Have commitments with partners that have access to 350k students.  Going to charge students via SaaS.  One of the best of the day. 

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