Seen This Movie

So yesterday, according to The New York Times, Apple took about 600k in new iPhone orders.  Rock on.  At about $200 a pop that is about $120 million in revenue plus whatever the AT&T sub happens to be.  Most likely three x that or $360 mill in total. Not bad for a day when you are unable to complete customer orders.

A big yippee ki-yay for Steve and his dedicated team from Cupertino.  Atlanta based Gerry Purdy chimed in “It shows the Apple magic is still present, it’s impressive.”

As a heavy Apple user and someone that intends to get a new iPhone my response is “perhaps.” The money quote from the NYT article:

Still, analysts said, Apple is struggling to maintain the same clear-cut lead over rivals that it had in the past. In particular, the growing portfolio of Android-powered phones, which number in the dozens this year and are offered by many companies, is a significant threat.

“The reality is that in the long term, the Android market share is going to catch up to Apple,” said Charles Golvin, a wireless analyst at Forrester Research.  “When you have one device being sold to a smaller portion of the population, it’s not going to compete as well as many devices from many vendors on multiple carriers.”

We’ve seen this movie before.  Apple.  Microsoft.  The personal computer early market share war.  We all know how that ended.  Apple niche.  Microsoft dominance.  

The end game for the mobile OS wars has been foreshadowed.

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