Georgia Non Compete Act Faces First Constitutional Challenge

Not too long ago John Yates and Morris, Manning & Martin launched MMM Tech Law. It's nice and they have a quickly growing MMM Tech Law LinkedIn group with over 1,200 members to go along with it. The group is a who's who of the Atlanta tech scene.

Yesterday MMM Tech Law issued an alert concerning HB173 and Georgia Amendment One. It's title "Do Not Implement New Restrictive Covenant Agreements: Georgia‚Äôs New Restrictive Covenants Act Faces First Constitutional Challenge."

It seems that there is an issue with amendment one not including an effective date. While MMM makes it clear that the alert is not legal advice it is also clear they feel companies need to wait before creating new more restrictive non-compete agreements.

November 13, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Politics