The Paul Graham Email Style?

Earlier in the week Aarjav Trivedi made the comment that he was amused by my Paul Graham like response to email. Not exactly sure how Paul responds to emails, I never sent him one. This little exchange might shed some light

Unknown entrepreneur (Ue): 961 character intro in which they claimed to be able to explain the concept in two tweets.

Me: I do not sign NDAs. Give me 280.

Ue: Lol — I might if I had the slightest idea what 280 was, besides a former Datsun.

Me: 140 (the max characters allowed by Twitter) multiplied by 2 is 280.

Ue: 363 character response.

Me: OK, I get it. Can you build it?

Ue: 713 character response.

Me: Build it.

Ue: 39 character response.

Ue: 245 character response.

November 5, 2010  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Entrepreneurship