Getting Them Into You

They’re just not that into you emerged online as an alternative title to the “They Aren’t Funding You” article.

Before Dave Wright dropped the bomb that he was heading to Boulder (a wise choice by the way) he was having a nice focused talk on how SolidFire raised $11 million with no product, customers, or revenue. One of the slides simply said “proven entrepreneur.” Dave is one of those.

But before he was one of those raise $11 million with no product type of proven entrepreneur type of guy you know what he did? He self-funded JungleDisk to a nice seven figure exit to a publicly traded technology company. Dave’s advice. If you are not a proven entrepreneur work on a startup that you can self fund and drive to a nice noticeable exit. Then build on that success reach for the stars with a bigger play.

Great advice from a guy that is making it happen.

February 21, 2011  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Entrepreneurship