Startup Riot 2011 Live Blogging 3rd Session

After a great presentation by David Hauser we are launching into the third and final flight of startup presentations.

A Matt Smith pivot off of Rank 'Em. Layer helps teams make better decisions faster. National Science Foundation had this problem that somehow Matt came to solve. Rankings. 

Facebook tool for business. Manage more then 25 fan page, scheduling, and more. Have more than 4,000 Facebook fan pages under management. Have raised over $1 million. 

Twitter pattern recognition. It takes these patternsand summarizes tweets down to a manageable number. This is a pivot off of some software that has been developing for years.

Zoompf scans websites for performance issues and creates a prioritized action plan for optimizing a site. Zoompf customers average load times decrease by three seconds. Focus on ecommerce and large content sites. Sas model.

Real estate app that helps with business management. Raising $500k with $200 already committed.

The WebMD of retirement planning. CEO Tim Harrington is a quite successful serial entrepreneur. Love him. They raised $500k at a nice valuation last year. Will be looking for round two later in the year.

Another CEO Ventures project. Michael Price has been busy. GoToMeeting knock off that is a bit more simple to use. 

Wynsum Arts
A social-entrepreneurship founded in 2007. Their aim is to help parents of children with Executive Function challenges.

Golly Matt Wensing talks fast. Stormpulse has a very nice weather map. FedEx, Chevron, and Southern Company are customers. Matt and his team have been at this since 2004. Based in West Palm Beach. Somebody should fund them.

These guys got a kickstart at StartAtlanta. Minglle's aim is to make networking at events more productive. A shame they could not get a test out for the Riot.

NetNanny for adults.

Nice telecommunications security company being formed by some Georgia Tech graduate students. Telineage is a secure caller-ID alternative that prevents number spoofing.

Diner Connection
Mobile phone based app that utilizes text messaging to notify customers of ready tables and daily specials. They launched in September 2010. Self-funded thus far and have won a slew of awards. Looking to raise their first angel round. Like it.

Whiteboard app for all things that start with a little i. Focusing on the enterprise market at the moment. Looking for an unstated amount of capital.

Now we are voting for the top three presenting companies via a phone app. 

Nexpense and Telineage tie for 2nd in crowd vote. TripLingo, born a few weeks ago at StartAtlanta wins best of show.

The only thing that stands between us and drinks is Kindle giveaways.

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