Opening Up Social Networks

I have a social network management system that is somewhat well thought out and which I exercise diligently. You could call it discerning. On the big four it goes something like this:

  • Join the professional networks of people I have conducted business with on LinkedIn
  • Follow people on Twitter that I find interesting
  • Friend people on Facebook in which I have had a meaningful social encounter
  • Friend people on Foursquare where I would value a serendipitous encounter

This has led to what I consider to be a somewhat manageable social network structure for me. And for Lent I am going to throw it all out the window. During Lent I am going to take all comers and clean out the backlog on my social network invites.  They currently look like this:

  • LinkedIn 892 contacts, 363 requests
  • Twitter 2,774 followers, 331 following
  • Facebook 386 friends, 83 requests
  • Foursquare 88 followers, 120 requests

During Lent I am giving up my social network follower discretion. Accepting outstanding requests and taking all comers. Not sure it it going to stick come Easter but it will be an interesting experiment.

March 11, 2011  |  Comments  |  Tweet  |  Posted in Fun, Social