VentureBeat reported today that Fab just closed a $40 million round led by Andreessen Horowitz. Fab is an oft talked about company in the halls of Half Off Depot. Before today I do not know about the company's pivot from a social network for gay men. Interesting.

In Fab's announcement they attributed their success to three things.

(1)    A laser-like focus on design. From the design aesthetic of Fab.com’s website and mobile applications, to the products that are featured for sale, to the end-to-end customer experience, Fab.com is all about good design. 
(2)    Social commerce. More than 50% of Fab.com’s 1.2 million members have come from social sharing. 
(3)    Innovation. Fab.com builds all of its own technology and is the world’s pioneer in integrating social and commerce features to enhance the product discovery process.

Focus, social, and innovation.

Perhaps a road map for success.

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